Raptor Bluetooth headset (Full Face)
  • Raptor Bluetooth headset (Full Face)
  • Raptor dongle and PTT

Raptor Bluetooth Headset (Full Face)

$349.00 - $369.00

  • Fits ENTIRELY inside helmet
  • NO big delay on transmit or receive.
  • Volume up/power and volume down buttons included
  • Radio Communications with Smartphone/Music

     Now supports connection of two radios*

     Streams vario audio from Flytec instruments*

      *Second dongle required

Quick Start
Instruction Manual
Installation Instructions

Overview: with smartphone support. The new helmet module is designed to be completely enclosed inside the helmet, with no external boxes and battery packs. The system provides high quality stereo music with reliable radio communications for Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots.

The RaptorBT Helmet Module powers the stereo headset speakers and microphone. It mounts under the padding inside your flight helmet. The module pairs to your smartphone AND a small radio adapter (dongle) with wireless PTT button. You can enjoy your favorite tunes while flying. If a radio call comes in, or if you make a radio transmission, the music pauses until your communications are finished.

The dongle is what you plug into your radio to make the whole system play. It is SMALL, about an inch by an inch and three quarters, and can attach to the front of your radio with supplied velcro pads. Or just stow the dongle in part of your radio harness.

An inch and on half in diameter, the wireless PTT button has a steel swivel clip on the back. This can be clipped to the webbing of your steering toggle, to a riser, or on a downtube or basebar of a hang glider. There is also an available finger button adapter that allows you to mount the PTT on your wrist and use a small finger type button.

Well, good....VERY good. With the speakers properly installed in the helmet, the stereo reproduction is great. The radio communications are loud and clear, both on transmit and receive. AND ALMOST NO TRANSMIT OR RECEIVE DELAY (<150 ms).


Key Features

  • 10+ hours of HEAVY CONSTANT use.
  • NO big delay on transmit or receive.
  • Volume up/power and volume down buttons included
  • Less than 150 millisecond delay on transmit and receive!
  • Range between dongle and headset/ptt 32 feet.
  • Lithium ion batteries, rechargeable.
  • Charger plugs into all three devices at once.
  • Car charger plugs into all three devices at once.
  • Simple instructions, electronics PHD not required.
  • Can ship worldwide, please contact us for cost.


  • Items marked ** included with complete system
  • Complete inside helmet system$349.00 - $369.00
  • Complete open-face helmet system$369.00 - $389.00
  • **Helmet module with full-face headset$190.00
  • **Helmet module with open-face headset$210.00
  • **Wireless Bluetooth PTT button$65.00
  • **Radio Bluetooth dongle$79.00 - $99.00
  • **Wall charger$15.00
  • **Belt clip for dongle$5.00
  • Car charger$18.00

Select connector type at checkout

  • YA170 for Yaesu VX-170, VX7 radios (4 pole threaded)
  • YA150 for Yaesu VX150 radios (4 pole non-threaded)
  • K1 for Kenwood 2-pin, Baofeng
  • K1 for Kenwood multi-pin radios. K3180 adapter required
  • ICSTR for 2-pin Icom radios (straight connector)
  • ICRA for 2-pin Icom radios (right angle connector)
  • M1 for BlackBox, Motorola GP, CT, SP, XTN radios
  • T1 for many FRS/GMRS radios. Talkabout, Cobra etc
  • T1 for many cellphones