ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral
  • ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral
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ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral

Carbon, Silver or Brush Aluminum Color

ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral Silver $339.00 ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral Carbon $369.00 ICARO 4Fight Long Tail Integral Aluminum Brush $369.00

ICARO 2000 4Fight Cut

With sleek aerodynamic design, the 4Fight LT features premier Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail. This helmet is constructed with a fiberglass composite material beautifully molded into one of the most popular helmets on the market.

Weighing in at approximately 840 grams, the ICARO 44Fight LT is an EN 966 certified flight helmet. The liner in this helmet line is removeable and can be washed or replaced if needed. Each helmet comes with a tinted visor included in the price.

GliderCom is pleased to offer our premium, hand crafted communications components for this helmet. if purchased at the same time, installation is FREE

Size & Fit Guide
Sizing Chart for ICARO 2000 Helmets. (XL-XXL not available for LT helmets)
Head circ. (in)20 7/8 -
21 1/4
21 5/8 -
22 1/2 -
22 7/8
23 1/4 -
23 5/8
24 -
24 3/8
24 3/4 -
25 1/4
Head circ. (cm)53 - 5455 - 5657 - 5859 - 6061 - 6263 - 64
US hat size6 5/8-6 3/46 7/8-77 1/8-7 1/47 3/8-7 1/27 5/8-7 3/47 7/8-8

How to determine the correct size for your ICARO Helmet

The best technique is to use a cloth tape measure of the type used by a tailor. Measure around your head at the widest point and obtain your sizing from the chart above.

In the event that you order an incorrect size, Gildercom will replace your helmet with one of a different size. There is no re-stocking charge, however, you are responsible for shipping costs.

tape measure

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