Glidercom High Gain Antenna

  • Greatly increase communications range
  • Deploys in-flight
  • Stows in a small pocket
  • Extremely durable construction


Available for almost any radio! The Glidercom High Gain is an engineered antenna, designed for pilots who desire increased communications performance when compared to a stock "Rubber Duck" antenna.

The GliderCom High Gain Antenna is designed to stow in your harness or flight deck. After launch, the antenna is simply dropped so it hangs in free space below the pilot. The antenna affords a very significant improvement in signal strength on both transmit and receive.

This is a welcome advantage in many circumstances such as long XC flights, low flights with obstructing terrain, communications with a retrieve crew from a lower altitude prior to landing, communications with a retrieve crew from the ground, and more.

The antenna is available with a male strsight SMA connector or male right angle BNC connector and is manufactured to work best on and near the frequency of your choice. SMA right angle adapters, and adapters for radios requiring a female SMA connector are available.



  • Deploys in-flight and hangs below pilot.
  • Performs 1000% better than the stock rubber antenna.
  • Built and tuned for your favorite frequency.
  • <1.3/1 SWR on center frequency when deployed.
  • 3:1 SWR bandwidth of 5.5 MHZ.
  • 2:1 SWR bandwidth of 3.3 MHZ.
  • ½ wave end-fed vertical dipole design.
  • SMA or BNC connectors available.
  • Built with super flexible mini coax, TPE jacket.
  • Durable printed circuit board tuning network, fully encapsulated.
  • Roll up and stow in harness or flight deck when not in use.
  • Total length 75.5 inches deployed.
  • Tuning network is 2 inches long with 1.5 inch stub.
  • Waterproof, weighs 28 grams.

This antenna, when properly deployed, offers an extreme improvement in long distance communications. It can also be used, for brief periods on launch while stowed.

After landing, the antenna can be hoisted up a tree branch with a piece of string to give the user a much longer communications range. Great for retrieves!