Glidercom Cloudbase Headset (Full-face)
  • Glidercom Cloudbase Headset (Full-face)
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Glidercom Cloudbase Headset (Full-face)

  • Superb sound on Transmit & Receive
  • Easy to install
  • Super Durable
  • Free Installation with Helmet Purchase

Installation Instructions



Available for almost any radio! We are very proud of this headset and have MANY hundreds of them in-service world-wide serving Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots. Each one is built by hand with great care and attention using the best components available.



The GliderComCloudbase headset kit is an extremely rugged headset built to survive. We have designed a printed circuit board speaker mount that protects the speaker and provides neat and un-breakable wiring paths and connections. The cable ends attach to the speaker assembly through metal clamping sleeves that prevent damage from an accidental pull on the cables.

THE MICROPHONE ELEMENT: The microphone element is mounted on its own printed circuit board for maximum durability. An adjacent metal clamping sleeve locks the cable in securely. A .150 inch shielded cable is used to connect the speaker assembly to the microphone assembly.

PROTECTIVE PADDING AND MICROPHONE SOCK: The GliderCom Cloudbase headset uses 3 millimeter perforated neoprene for padding and dust/dirt protection on the speaker assembly. The protective microphone sock is made of lightweight fabric that offers great protection without affecting sound volume or quality.

THE MAIN CABLE AND CONNECTOR: The Cloudbase headset uses a .250 inch diameter shielded cable that exits the helmet. Since this is the part that sees the most wear and tear, a very durable cable and connector is used. When not in use, the metal connector stows to the helmet lining edge with a velcro-strip.

PTT BUTTON AND RADIO CABLE: The ptt button can see a lot of abuse! This is why we have made it easily field replaceable. Both the finger and helmet mounted buttons are sealed against dirt and moisture. The radio adapter cable is built with great attention to durability. This cable is interchangeable in the event you wish to use a different radio or cellphone.

OPTIONAL WIRELESS PTT BUTTON: Plug in the wireless PTT module in-place of the wired PTT button. Then attach the PTT button almost anywhere. With this option, the pilot eliminates the cumbersome wire running down the arm while still keeping the PTT button where it's needed most, at the fingertips!!