Flytec Connect 1 (Red or Green)
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Flytec Connect 1 (Red or Green)

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Flytec Connect 1 - Red $649.00 Flytec Connect 1 - Green $649.00


You are a paraglider or hang glider pilot who is used to flying away from your home site, ready to set new personal bests. You want to see airspaces along the way and strive to thermal as efficiently as possible. You‘re ready for the next step in your competition flying and need the instrument that goes along with you.

That makes you the pilot for whom we developed the Connect 1.

Get connected

The Connect 1 is the first-ever smart vario. Just like a smart phone, it comes with a touch screen, a multitude of sensors, and a range of connectivity options. Thanks to these connectivity options, you can very easily exchange data with your Connect 1 – even without a computer.

Main functions

  • WiFi connection allows for upload and download of files directly from the vario, without going through a PC
  • Smart software updates inform the pilot when a software update is available. Only connect the instrument to the Internet periodically
  • Graphic thermalling assistant, to help pilots find the strongest lift in a thermal and stay there
  • Graphic airspace display provides navigation around airspaces on cross-country flights
  • Map with main features including roads, rivers, towns
  • Easy connection to any computer without any drivers
  • Optional features: FLARM collision warning, pitot tube, and Flylink for connection to additional Flytec sensors
  • For more details, see the technical data page and the online user manual.

State of affairs

The Connect 1 has now been available since May 2015. We release a new software update with additional features about every four weeks. Currently we're working with full force on navigation: Waypoints, routes and optimized competition routes. For the 2016 season in the Alps, we want the Connect 1 to cover all software functionality of the previous Flytec 6030. Maps, Flarm, Pitot, altitude above ground, Bluetooth LE and many more advanced features will follow afterwards. We will also finish development of the thermalling assistant - last fall we ran out of thermals for testing...


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