Flymaster Warranty

Glidercom IS your North American warranty and repair service center for Flymaster Varios.


Flymaster products are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover incorrect usage such as water damage, heat damage, damage from shock, broken screens etc. Never attempt to repair your instrument yourself. To do so will void any warranty.


It is important to us that your flight instrument is always in perfect working order. Should you have a problem with your instrument please contact us by telephone or email.


We have found that most issues are software related, upgrades that go wrong and these can be easily solved without having the inconvenience of sending your instrument back for maintenance.


In the case of a physical problem with your instrument, GliderCom is pleased to provide full factory authorized service.  GliderCom stocks a complete selection of replacement parts, printed circuit boards and displays.


To send your instrument back to GliderCom, please use an insured carrier. We will analyze the problem as soon as the instrument arrives and immediately advise you as to the nature of the problem. If the problem falls outside the warranty coverage, we will notify you of the repair cost before proceeding.


Please contact us by telephone or e-mail before sending your instrument.  1-800-937-7912 or 541-621-2859