Flymaster Live SD 3g

Flymaster Live SD 3G



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Basic Overview:

GliderCom presents the innovative Flymaster LIVE SD, from Flymaster Avionics. The LIVE SD includes the new LIVE-TRACKING NAVIGATION SYSTEM. This system enables real-time flight monitoring utilizing your cellphone/data network. Your flight data is then transmitted to Google earth, allowing viewers to see your real-time flight data. Live tracking offers the very important benefit of increased flight safety. In addition to the configurable fields on the instrument itself, the LIVE SD allows the user to customize and define the layout of his instrument’s screen using the free Designer software. Learn more about Designer Software HERE

XC flying is rewarding, yet landing out alone can be scary. With the LiveTracking system you will never be alone on your XC adventure. Flymaster LiveTracking technology is the standard for the Paragliding World Cup and the Red Bull X-Alps. Now Equipped with the latest global 3G GSM modules. 

The Flymaster LIVE SD has restricted airspace features, promoting significant increased safety. The new structural design of the LIVE SD casing provides high strength and anti-glare protection of the screen against scratches and breaking. Like it's predecessor, the LIVE SD makes navigation simple on cross-country and competition flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market, with live tracking adding a significant increase in safety.


Taking advantage of the Flymaster LIVE SD graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen pages using Flymaster Designer.

Using the designer users can add, resize or move objects, and increase the font size of text, allowing users of any age (and eye-sight quality) to get the most out of their unit.

Flymaster Designer is a free application allowing users to design and manage, the screen layout of Flymaster instruments, and update the firmware. An unlimited number of layouts can be created,and shared with other users.


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