Fairhaven Micro Vario

Fairhaven Micro Vario, Helmet Mount


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The Fairhaven micro vario is designed for paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots who want to find thermals and other rising air to maximise their flight times, while using the minimum of equipment. It uses the latest, most sensitive digital air pressure sensors which are incredibly small and immune to temperature change and radio interference. At only 15 grams and just over one inch square, it’s the world’s lightest, smallest and toughest little vario. Small enough to fit in your pocket and forget you have it, so it makes a great back up vario too!


  • High resolution digital audio micro vario
  • Great tone range, superb sensitivity and damping for optimal lift and sink indication.
  • USB charging from PC or car.
  • lasts up to 7 days flying!
  • Easily switch between sensitivity settings
  • No multiple button sequences.
  • Supplied with Velcro riser/harness fixing and backup strap.