Cloudbase Wireless PTT

Cloudbase Wireless PTT Option



Plug in the wireless PTT module in-place of the wired PTT button. Then attach the PTT button almost anywhere. With this option, the pilot eliminates the cumbersome wire running down the arm while still keeping the PTT button where it's needed most, at the fingertips!! The advantages of this system over the Bluetooth system are no need for pairing/re-pairing, with fewer things to keep charged up. The disadvantage is there is still a cable running from your helmet to the radio.

For Paraglider Pilots, the small keyfob button can attach to the apex of your steering toggle. This keeps the PTT button at your fingertips without the need for a cable.

Hang Glider pilots can affix this button to the control bar or choose the optional wrist mounted button. The electronics are mounted within a wrist strap and a small PTT button attaches to the side of the index finger with a velcro loop.

The receiver module plugs into the Cloudbase headset system in the same place you would plug in the wired PTT button. The module can the be clipped to the radio cable, a section of webbing or clothing. This module can also be helmet mounted. The receiver module uses a rechargeable battery. Typical charge will last for several days of flying.

The keyfob PTT button uses a lithium button battery. It will last for at least a year with normal use and is replaceable. PRICE: The optional Wireless PTT system is $145.00 with a keyfob button, and $170.00 with a wrist strap button.